Nebraska Alcohol Server Card (On and Off Premises)

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Nebraska Liquor Control Commission Approved
The Rserving Responsible Serving Course has been approved by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

Do you need to get your NE alcohol server / seller training certificate?
Take the online course to earn your Nebraska alcohol server / seller training certificate (commonly referred to as: "bartender license").

On-Premises Alcohol Server Card

Online course for servers at establishments where patrons consume alcohol on the premises.
example: bars, restaurants, catering, events, Alcohol Delivery Drivers alcohol delivery drivers, etc.
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Off-Premises Alcohol Server Card

Online Course for sellers at establishments that sell alcohol to be consumed elsewhere.
example: liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.
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Employer Discounts

For employers / managers that need to train multiple employees
Purchase courses for multiple employees at discounted pricing.
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Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
Food Safety for Handlers
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