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Congratulations on taking the next step in your career by ordering a PSCC certification course! After a quick ordering process, you can begin taking your certification course right away!

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Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Online Training & Certification
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Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Information

Food Safety for Handlers Online Training & Certification
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Food Safety for Handlers

If you work in a kitchen or otherwise handle food in nearly any capacity, this course is for you! Employees with knowledge of safe food handling techniques and ...

Food Safety for Handlers Information

Bartender Mixology Online Training & Certification
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Bartender Mixology
The best bartenders get the best shifts and make the highest salary and tips!  Learn to become a professional bartender and learn the art of Mixology with this online bartending ...

Bartender Mixology Information

Alcohol Server Card Online Training & Certification
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Alcohol Server Card
Take this online course to receive your alcohol server certification card. - Responsible alcohol server training ensures that ...

Alcohol Server Card Information

Employer Account
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Employer Account Information
Employer Account
Sign up for an employer account and have the ability to send your bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers through the online Responsible Serving (Seller/Server Certification) Course!    Employers can ...
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